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Thank you for visiting this site. In the next section of the page, we describe how the site is handled with regard to the treatment of the personal data of the users who consult it. This information is also made pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree no. n. 196/03.


This information is also made pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree no. n. 196/03 (Personal Data Protection Code) to those interacting with the web services directly provided by this site, accessible by telematic means that this site belongs to Gentile Car Service Titles of Treatment whose references are indicated in "Contact" section of this site. The information is made for the site in question and not for any other websites that the user may consult through links. The information is inspired by Recommendation n. 2/2001 that the European Data Protection Authorities, gathered in the Group established by art. Article 29 of Directive 95/46 / EC, adopted May 17, 2001 to identify some minimum requirements for the collection of personal data online, and in particular the modalities, times and nature of the information that processors have to provide to users when they connect to web pages, regardless of the purposes of the link. We therefore invite you to take a look at our Privacy Policy, as outlined below. The Privacy Policy and Privacy used by Gentile Car Service for the protection of personal data are based on the following principles:

OWNER OF TREATMENT The holder of the data treatment as specified below Gentile Car Service - via E. Rugiero park Loredana, 81100 Caserta - P. IVA: 02545130615, and the User, whose references are in the Contacts section and visible in the footer of the web site.

PRINCIPLE OF RESPONSIBILITY The processing of personal data is managed over time by managers located within the organization.

PRINCIPLE OF TRANSPARENCY Personal data are collected and subsequently processed in accordance with the principles set forth in the Privacy Policy adopted by the Gentile Car Service of this site as indicated in this Privacy Policy. At the time of the eventual disclosure of the data, the information is provided to the interested party in a concise but comprehensive manner, as provided for in art. 13 of Legislative Decree no. n. 196/03.

PRINCIPLE OF PURPOSE OF COLLECTION Personal data are treated legally and according to correctness; are recorded for certain, explicit and legitimate purposes; are relevant and do not exceed the purposes of the treatment; are preserved for the time needed for harvesting purposes.

PRINCIPLE OF PURPOSE OF USE The purpose of the processing of personal data is disclosed to the parties concerned at the time of collection. Any new data processing, other than the declared purposes, will be triggered by a new disclosure to the interested party and, if required, by the D.lgs. n. 196/03. In any case, personal data will not be disclosed to third parties or disseminated without the prior consent of the person concerned, except in the cases expressly indicated in art. 24 of Legislative Decree no. 196/03.

PRINCIPLE OF VERIFICATION Personal data are accurate and up-to-date. They are also organized and kept in such a way as to give the person concerned the opportunity to know, if he wishes, which data have been collected and recorded, as well as to check the quality and request for any correction, integration, deletion by law violation or opposition to the treatment and to exercise all other rights, to the senses and within the limits of art. 7 of Legislative Decree no. n. 196/03, at the addresses indicated in the Information pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree no. n. 196/03 present on the site.

SAFETY PRINCIPLE Personal data is protected by technical, informatical, organizational, logistical and procedural security measures, against the risks of destruction or loss, even accidental, and unauthorized access or unauthorized processing. These measures are periodically updated on the basis of technical progress, the nature of the data and the specific characteristics of the treatment, constantly monitored and verified over time. Third parties who carry out any kind of support activities for the Gentile Car Service services in connection with which they process personal data processing, are designated by those responsible for the processing and are contractually bound to comply with the measures for the safety and confidentiality of treatments. The identity of such third parties is made known to users. In some cases, employees of third-party companies that work with Gentile Car Service may be charged with processing if the processing operations are under the direct authority of Gentile Car Service. With the consent of the persons concerned, if required by law, and in any case with adequate information specifying the various purposes, personal data may be disclosed to third parties, public and private, non-Gentile Car Service, who will treat them as self- of the treatment, according to the definition contained in D.lgs. n. 196/03. Of the processing of personal data by such third-party data processors, Gentile Car Service, does not assume any responsibility for: the rules and procedures for managing the personal data of other Web sites, accessible from our pages through links and referrals; of any email services, web spaces, chat forums provided to users. The services related to the web services offered by this site are located at Gentile Car Service offices - via E. Rugiero park Loredana, 81100 Caserta - VAT : 02545130615 and, where appropriate, at the offices of the External Responsibilities of the treatment and are handled by those in charge of handling the required services, marketing activities - where requested by the user - for data storage and occasional maintenance operations.


Personal data may be disclosed to third parties in order to comply with statutory obligations in the execution of orders from public authorities that are legitimate or even to claim or defend a legal right. If necessary in relation to particular services or products requested, personal data may be disclosed to third parties who, as autonomous holders of the treatment, are closely related and instrumental in providing the services or supply of the products. Without communication, these services and products could not be provided. Personal data will not be disseminated unless the requested service so requests.


It is good that you know that through your browsing this site, your professional and personal interests may be detected. However, this information is collected for the sole and exclusive purpose of providing the required services and possibly checking the quality of the services offered.


The types of personal data collected and processed on this site are those required for the provision of the various services provided. The collected data are handled in paper, automated and telematic modes and with logics strictly related to the purpose of the treatment. You can also use your fixed and mobile phone and fax numbers and your e-mail address to provide services. It is therefore evident that if such data were not provided, you will not be able to provide those services that require the use of these tools. If you do not express your consent to the use of e-mail, landline and mobile phone and fax for purposes of advertising, direct sales or interactive commercial communication, such tools will not be used for this purpose. Information specifications will be provided on the pages of the site prepared for the provision of personal data. The voluntary sending of e-mail to the addresses indicated on the site involves the acquisition of the sender's address as well as any other information contained in the message; such personal data will be used for the sole purpose of performing the requested service or service.


It is useful to know that the software procedures of the site acquire, during their normal exercise, some personal data whose transmission is implied in the use of internet communication protocols. Although information that is not intended to be associated with identified users, by their nature, if associated with other data held by third parties (such as their Internet service provider), could allow users to be identified. This category of data includes the IP addresses or domain names of the computers used by the users that connect to the site, the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) notation addresses, the time of the request, the method used to submit the server request, file size obtained in response, numeric code indicating the response status of the server (good end, error, etc.) and other parameters related to the operating system and the user's computer environment. This data is used only for the purposes of anonymous statistics on site use and to check for proper operation. The Data Controller and, depending on the service requested, the Designated Managers maintain, for a limited period according to law, the tracking (LOG) of the connections / navigation done to respond to any requests from the judicial or other authority a public body legitimately required such a path for the detection of any liability in the event of computer offenses. Aside from what is specified for the navigation data, the user is free to give or not the personal data required in the registration form to the services. On this form, however, some data may be marked as mandatory; it is to be understood that such data is necessary for the provision of the requested service. If this information is not provided, the requested service can not be disbursed and you will not be able to take advantage of the related opportunities. When any data is provided, as provided for in art. 13 of Legislative Decree no. n. 196/03, it is provided to the interested party with a complete but complete summary of the purposes and methods of the treatment, the mandatory or optional nature of the data, the consequences of non-disclosure, the subjects or categories of subjects to whom the data personal information can be communicated and the scope of dissemination of the same data on the rights referred to in art. 7 of Legislative Decree no. n. 196/03 (access, integration, updating, correction, cancellation for violation of law, opposition to treatment, etc.), on the identity and location of the data controller and the data controller. The person concerned is therefore required to express his / her informed, free, express, specific and documented consent in the form provided by the law, where required by the law. If personal data transfers occur at a later stage, they may be provided with supplementary information already made and required new consent to the treatment provided by the Code.


Gentile Car Service, you use "secure" architectures and technologies to protect your personal information against misuse, alteration, or misuse. Protections activated against personal data specifically aim at minimizing the risk of destruction or loss, including accidental, of data, unauthorized access or unauthorized processing or non-compliant collection purposes. These security measures obviously meet the minimum requirements set out by the Legislator (Technical Disciplinary Framework for Minimum Security Measures referred to in Articles 33 to 36 of Legislative Decree 196/03). Subjects to whom personal data are referenced have the right at any time to obtain confirmation of the existence or not of the same data and to know its content and source, to verify its accuracy or to request its integration or updating, or rectification (Article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/03). According to the same article, the person concerned has the right to request the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or the blocking of the data processed in violation of the law, and to oppose in any case, for legitimate reasons, their treatment. Requests must be sent to the e-mail address With reference to the Site User, you can contact the contact details listed in the "Contacts" section of this site. All cookie information, related typologies and features, please read the Cookie Policy later.


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In order to use the services offered on this domain owned by Gentile Car Service - Via E. Rugiero Park Loredana, 81100 Caserta - VAT: 02545130615 and used and operated by the User (referenced in the Contacts section of the site), you must register by choosing a username and password, where required, by filling out any mandatory fields and providing personal information, ensuring that they are up to date, complete and truthful. Services should only be used for legitimate purposes and in line with the purposes of this site, failure to comply with this commitment may be subject to civil and / or criminal liability. As a result of the registration you will be able to access all or some of the services present on this site, assuming full responsibility for your statements, affirmations and any data entered or directly attributable to you. You may include comments on products purchased and / or put up for sale, on the services offered by the Site User, upon reading these Terms, assuming full responsibility for the content that may be related to you. Dear Car Service, you can not in any way be held liable for any breaches you have made or for claims and claims also claims that should be made by third parties, in relation to the content you enter, including the Public Authority and the relevant Control Authorities advertising, without prejudice to your responsibility for any damage you may have incurred. Gentile Car Service All initiatives undertaken following consultation of this site will be freely made available to you. Gentile Car Service, we will not be liable for any erroneous interpretations and activities you have undertaken following consultation of this site. Gentile Car Service, you have the right to interrupt and / or to engage in activities done by you through this site at any time and without notice as a result of non-compliance with these Terms. Gentile Car Service, it does not accept any responsibility for the contents placed on this site by its users and the User, by engaging only in order to promptly remove the contents of the content by third parties in the face of appropriate notification by the interested party and / or of the competent authority. Also, assume your commitment not to destroy, modify or interfere in any way with any software and / or servers on this site and to prevent or interfere with the use of third-party services. You also agree not to alter or interfere with any information or material of the services or associated with them. The services are provided in the factual and legal context in which they are located. Gentile Car Service therefore excludes any warranty, explicit or implied, in relation to the quality or the particular features of the services, as will in no way be liable in the event that the services become unavailable, in whole or in part, that is, any other way in which the service was rendered. They also do not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted or secure access to the service, since the operations of this site may be interfered with by many factors that are outside the control capabilities of Gentile Car Service. Gentile Car Service reserves the right to provide and require you to accept, from time to time, additional terms of use applicable to specific parts or sections of this site. These additional conditions will be included in the parts of this site to which they relate and will be clearly identifiable. Gentile Car Service, you may modify these Terms. Changes will be deemed to be accepted with the site's use of the site. The law governing these Conditions is Italian law. This Agreement has been drawn up in Italian. Any disputes arising out of the relationship governed by this Agreement shall be transferred to the Italian Ordinary Court. Gentile Car Service does not guarantee the contents of this site are appropriate or legitimate in other countries. Any invalidity, nullity or ineffectiveness of one or more of these Conditions, if accepted, will not result in the invalidity, ineffectiveness or invalidity of the remaining valid and effective clauses.


For the use of this site, it is essential that the following rules of conduct be observed. Each user must respect all who interact, their ideas, their web spaces and their products, and remember that the comment system is accessible to everyone and readable by everyone. Users interact with each other for the sole purpose of expressing their opinions or clarifications. No personal information exchanges whose contents are excluded from the purpose of this site, controversy or disturbance are not allowed to participants with unnecessary comments and out of the question. In the use of this site, users should not use obscene, indecent, offensive, blasphemous, denigratory or defamatory language, expressions of fanaticism, racism, hatred, irreverence, threatening, provocative, or otherwise content that may harm the Company, the User of the site or third parties. Your ideas should be expressed without irreverent or deliberately provocative tones intended to generate litigation or disturbance. In the event of a third party violation of the foregoing, we encourage you to report promptly to the user's email address indicated in the Contacts section or at


Gentile Car Service Data Holder. The following information is related to Gentile Car Service, which is intended to be separate legal entities, autonomous and individually responsible. 1. Personal Data Source: Dear Car Service treats the data entered by filling out the registration form as a self-titrant of the treatment. 2. Sensitive Data: The consent that Gentile Car Service asks you does not concern sensitive data. 3. Purpose of data processing: A) The transfer of your personal data is always optional, but in the absence of completion of the fields marked as mandatory (name, surname, city, date of birth, email, password, sex) some of them present on this site can not be disbursed. The provision of data not marked as "mandatory" will improve the services offered on this Site in order to make them more and more responsive to the interests of users. B) If you want, you will be able to agree to the specific option, to use data for commercial purposes and to send promotional communications, newsletters, and commercial information about the products and services of the User using communication systems ( email, sms, ordinary mail, phone). User have the right to express or deny consent to the processing of your personal data for the pursuit of these purposes. C) If you want, you will be able to agree to the specific option, to use data for commercial purposes and to send promotional communications, newsletters and commercial information about Gentile Car Service products and services through the use of communication systems ( email, sms, ordinary mail, phone). You have the right to express or deny consent to the processing of your personal data for the pursuit of these purposes. D) If you want, you will be able to agree to the specific option for sending promotional communications, newsletters, and commercial information also relevant to market surveys on products and services of third-party, independent data-processing companies operating in the online editorial sector off-line, wide consumption, insurance, automotive, tourism, clothing and accessories, beauty and aesthetics, retail, electronic goods and services, digital goods and services through the use of communication systems (email, sms , telephone and regular mail). You have the right to express or deny consent to the processing of your personal data for the pursuit of these purposes. 4. Treatment Duration: The treatment will not last longer than necessary for the purposes for which the data was collected. 5. Data processing: The processing of personal data is carried out manually and by electronic means, with logic strictly related to the above purposes and, in any case, in order to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data. 6. Subjects to whom data may be communicated: Gentile Car Service may disclose the personal data provided to the following categories of subjects: companies that carry out document filing services; auditing and auditing firm, and generally all the persons who carry out the same professional assistance and consultancy activities necessary to provide the site services to you. Persons belonging to the aforementioned categories to whom the data may be disclosed will use the data as "holders" under the Personal Data Protection Code, in full autonomy, being out of touch with the original processing done by Gentile Car Service. You may become aware of the data, as "Managers" or "Employees", employees and collaborators of Gentile Car Service 7. The rights referred to in art. 7 of the Personal Data Protection Code: You have the right to obtain from Gentile Car Service as independent data processors the confirmation of the existence or not of personal data concerning you, even if you have not yet registered, and their communication in a comprehensible form; the indication of the origin of the personal data, the purposes and methods of processing, the applied logic, treatment in the case of electronic means, and the subjects or categories of subjects to whom the personal data may be communicated or who may become aware of them as responsible or assigned; deletion, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed in violation of law, as well as updating, rectification or, if you require data integration. For any communication regarding personal data processing by Gentile Car Service you can contact us and contact us by emailing With reference to the Site User, you can contact the contact details listed in the "Contacts" section of this site.