Positano - Ravello - Vesuvius Tour

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€ 350
3-4 Pass.:
€ 400
5-8 Pass.:
€ 450
9-16 Pass.:
€ 800

Positano - Ravello - Vesuvius8 hours tour

Departure Details January - December

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08:00 AM
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16:00 PM
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Historical Notes

Discover the pearls of the Amalfi Coast. Landscape attracts that attract tourists from all over the world.
Positano In Roman age it was place of vacation as attested by the recovery of a villa below the church of Saint Maria Assunta. Positano is famous for the handicraft production of sandals in leather and suits in cotton and flax, for the beautiful buildings eight-novecenteschi and the postcard landscapes with I break down him/it some dome maiolicata of the Church of the assumed that it is the point dipartenza of this fantastic Tour.
Places of interest and monuments: Torri Saracene.

Amalfi: Its foundation is let to the Romans go up again. A place of inestimable beauty, a town flood of colors and perfumes, her before the four Republics to Marinate. The Tour that we introduce part To the center of the principal plaza under the the Cathedral of Sant'Andrea with the scenografica stairway, the bell tower in Arab-Norman style and the suggestive Cloister of the Heaven. Interesting it is the Museum of the paper in Amalfi as well as the ancient and suggestive Arsenals of the Republic. During the tour not forgotten to taste the products typical of our zone and during the schedule of lunch to stay in one of the restaurants typical of Amalfi.

Mount Vesuvius: In Italy there are quite a lot volcanos: some are active, that is they have enough regular eruptions in the years as the Etna and the Stromboli; others are quiescenti. In Italy, among the most important volcanos quiescenti, remembers particularly the Vesuvius, both because of this testimonies exist, still today visible, of a great eruption (many tourists go every year to visit the places in Pompeii and Ercolano, next to Naples, destroyed by this volcano) both because its summit is very particular. The history of the Vesuvius goes up again to epoch in which the eruptions were alternated to long periods of inactivity 35.000 years ago. The last eruption happened in 1944, but the most famous was that of the 79 d.C, that buried the cities of Pompeii and Ercolano.


All Tours include: Italian / English language driver, motorway tolls, parking lots, fuel.
Are excluded: museum/excavations entrance tickets, lunch, tips.
Suggestions: Comfortable shoes, sun umbrellas / caps, camera.
The tour will start from the agreed place, towards the fantastic Amalfi Coast, breathtaking landscapes, up to Positano and Amalfi. The tour ends with an impressive excursion to Mount Vesuvius.