Paestum - Velia Tour

Tour Prices (prices are per car)

1-2 Pass.:
€ 250
3-4 Pass.:
€ 300
5-8 Pass.:
€ 350
9-16 Pass.:
€ 800

Paestum - Velia8 hours tour

Departure Details January - December

Departure time
08:00 AM
Place of departure

Details ReturnJanuary - December

Return Time
16:00 PM
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Historical Notes

A modern excursion to an ancient site. We discover the jewels of Peastum and Velia
Paestum Paestum was one of the principal centers of Great Greece placed near the coastal south Tirrenico of Salerno, still surrounded of a mystical halo this fantastic tour he/she includes the visit of the Archaeological museum and the enchanting Valley of the Temples where him the Greek ancient myth still breathes. After having spent the forenoon among the ancient streets of Paestum it is possible to stop for the lunch if to sack in the marvelous lawns that you/they embrace the Temples or in one of the buonissimis restaurants of the zone and to taste the best typical recipes.

The ancient city of Elea (Hyele) was founded by Greek farmers coming from Focea as base of support in the Tyrrhenian for the intense commercial exchanges. As Paestum Velia reenters among the centers of Great Greece dividing from Paestum the tour from the availability to visit the beautiful archaeological excavations of the city.


All Tours include: Italian / English language driver, motorway tolls, parking lots, fuel.
Are excluded: museum/excavations entrance tickets, lunch, tips.
Suggestions: Comfortable shoes, sun umbrellas / caps, camera.
The tour will start from the agreed site, towards the archaeological site of Paestum. We then go to the ancient ruins of Velia