Napoli (Archaeological Museum) - Top Tour

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Naples (Archaeological Museum)8 hours tour

Departure Details January - December

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08:00 AM
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16:00 PM
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Historical Notes

You can live the suggestion of the popular streets until you arrive at the Archaeological Museum, where valuable estates are kept.

The National Archaeological Museum of Naples is one of the oldest and most important in the world for the richness and uniqueness of its heritage and for its contribution to the European cultural landscape. The origins and the formation of the collections are related to the figure of Charles III of Bourbon, on the throne of the Kingdom of Naples since 1734, and his cultural policy: the king promotes the exploration of the Vesuvius cities buried by the 79 AD ( started in 1738 in Herculaneum in 1748 in Pompeii) and cared for the realization in the city of a Farnese Museum, transferring from the residences of Rome and Parma, part of the rich collection inherited from her mother Elisabetta Farnese. It is necessary for his son Ferdinando IV to join the current building, which was built at the end of 1500 with the aim of cavalrying and from 1616 to 1777 the headquarters of the University, the two nuclei of the Farnese Collection and the collection of Vesuvian finds already exhibited in the Herculaneum Museum within the Palace of Portici. Since 1777 the building was interested in a long phase of renovations and extension projects, entrusted to the architects F. Fuga and P. Schiantarelli. In the decade of French domination (1806-1815), the first set-ups were made and with the return of the Bourbon to Naples in 1816 he assumed the name of Real Bourbon Museum. Conceived as a Universal Museum, it hosted institutes and workshops (Real Library, Drawing Academy, Papyrus Workshop ...), later moved to other venues in 1957.


All Top Toures will include:English Driver, Professional Guide, Inbound Museums / Excavation Tickets (if Expected), Local Regional Lunch, Highway Tolls, Parking Facilities, Fuel.
Suggestions: Comfortable shoes, sun umbrellas / caps, camera.
The tour will start from the agreed place, the guided tour will start from Constantinople and one step up in the alleys of the old town to reach the Archaeological Museum