Caserta - Naples Tour

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€ 300
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€ 350
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€ 400
9-16 Pass.:
€ 800

Caserta - Naples8 hours tour

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08:00 AM
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16:00 PM
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Historical Notes

Visit the beautiful Reggia of Caserta and then immerse yourself in the creative daily life of Naples

The name Caserta derives from the Latin House Irta, toponimo that is made to derive from the circumstance that the ancient urban (the actual Casertavecchia) center rose, during the Middle Ages and up to the XVIII century, in elevated position in comparison to the surrounding lowland. The city of Caserta has ancient and uncertain origins; the area on which the palace was built does it departs of a natural territory of archaeological importance where etruschi, sanniti and Romans have left testimonies of their presence. The Tour departs dall' entry of the very beautiful one and suntuosissima Palace of Caserta resides of the Borbones in Naples and sublime work of Vanvitelli. You will start visiting the Royal Building rooms and marbles, paintings and tapestries, the beautiful music and the dances of court can still be heard

• Margherita Fountain;
• Vasca e Fontana dei Delfini;
• Fountain of Eolo;
• Fountain of Cerere;
• Waterfalls and fountain of Venus and Adonis ;
• Fountain of Diana and Actaeon, dominated by the great waterfall.

Naples one of the most ancient cities of the west and, as such, well few is known on the historical stories that characterized his/her origin. But as all the cities of the antiquity (Babylon, Sow, Rome), that you/they boast of mythological traditions and legends on his/her origin, also the birth in Naples is hidden from the suggestive veil of the myth and the legend. From the charm of the myth, you/he/she can be passed to the reality of the historical search that has submitted us some certainties on the origins of the city: the first colonization of the Gulf in Naples goes up again to around 3000 years ago, when travellers and merchants coming from Greece and from the Anatolia, attracted by the mining wealths of the tall Tyrrhenian, they founded a first colony to Pithecusa (the actual island of Ischia) and subsequently they moved him on the coastal proper flegreo in front of the coasts ischitane, where Cuma born. ., a group of farmers coming from Cuma installed him in the inclusive area among the islet of Megaride (where today the Castel of the Ovo rises) and the Echia (the today's hill of Pizzofalcone) Mountain founding the city of Partenope. It began so the history in Naples.


All Tours include: Italian / English language driver, motorway tolls, parking lots, fuel.
Are excluded: museum/excavations entrance tickets, lunch, tips.
Suggestions: Comfortable shoes, sun umbrellas / caps, camera.
The tour will start from the agreed place, towards Caserta with its luxurious Royal Palace, to reach the heart of the Parthenopean city and breathe the mystical air of an eternal city like Naples.