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eugenio gentile

Eugenio Gentile

Through the love for my land and my working experiences I will make available to you all that you have to know here in our magical places. Campania is a collection of passion stories colors and flavors, you just have to taste it all! My name is Eugenio Gentile, I'm 55 and live in Naples with my family. When i was young I have always been fascinated by travel and discovering the world, new cultures, new ways of doing and living outside of my city. At a young age I started to turn Europe to compare with other cultures, in this journey I noticed that the best way to be among the people was to join me in the field of tourism.

At age 21, I officially started my work career. I worked with the best companies including English Trafalgar Tours, Gulliver and Swiss companies such as Cosmos Tourama, Globus Gatwei, Insight International, Kuoni Tours and the latter gave me the opportunity to look into the East. All these experiences gave me so much satisfaction that the companies themselves preferred me for more particular tasks and trust.I am proud about this and glad to be so.

As my children grew up, I had an explicit request from my wife to change my job. Returning in Italy I tried to do a lot of work to satisfy family needs, unfortunately having a world tour experience I could not adapt to anything else and this was the main motivation that led me to the idea of choosing to open my own Activities in the field of tourism to convey this passion to all those who would interact with me later on. Fortunately, the company has grown and the contribution of my children has been crucial to increasing the level of professionalism of our business.

Love and passion for my work and my land with all traditions become a mission that together with you I want to tell you !!!



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